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15 Best POLITICAL Movies

Based on the true story of Nelson Mandela, a South African lawyer, and his struggle against the Apartheid. He is convicted for his involvement in armed resistance after the Sharpeville Massacre and sentenced imprisonment for life.

Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom


During World War 2, A young woman, Wang Jiazhi, gets swept up in a dangerous game of emotional intrigue with a powerful political figure, Mr Yee.

Lust, Caution


In a futuristic dystopian Britain, a vigilante known by his ally V used terrorist tactics to fight the oppressive government. Evey V’s girlfriend helps him to bring down the government.

V For Vendetta


1984 is based on the book written by George Orwell, deals with the risks of government overreach, totalitarianism and repressive regimentation of all personnel and their behaviours within society.



A junior campaign manager, Stephen Meyers works for the presidential candidate Mike Morris. However, things turn upside down when he gets him in a major political scandal that Jeopardises Mike’s shot for the presidency.

The Ides Of March


Based on a true story, Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister, has to decide whether he should continue the war against Germany or sign a peace treaty with Adolf Hitler.

Darkest Hour


After the assassination of his husband, John F Kennedy, the president of the USA, Jackie life is distorted and traumatized. She must fight to cope with her grief and ensure her children’s well being.



Based on the real-life journey of a lawyer, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, from South Africa to British India and his non-violent campaign against British rule, which pressures Britain to leave India.



Abraham Lincoln, the president of the United States of America, uses all his power to abolish slavery and stop the ongoing civil war and reunite his country.



Based on the real life of Harvey Milk, American activist and California’s first openly gay official elected for public office. He faces several difficulties while fighting for gay rights.



During 1972, two reporters’ investigation shed light on the Watergate scandal that leads President Nixon to resign from his post.

All The President's Men


A CBS news impresario and his team dedicated to exposing the atrocity being committed by McCarthy’s Senate. Despite the pressure from CBS’ corporate sponsors, their team point out senator’s lie.

Good Night, And Good Luck.


The film is base on a real event. After the Watergate scandal, British journalist David Frost conduct a series of interviews with Richard Nixon, who resigned after the scandal was exposed.



Based on Novel of the same name, deals with the rise and fall of an ambitious and corrupt politician, who make his friends richer and retain his power by dint of populist appeal.

All The King's Men


Despite the Civil Rights Act of 1964, discrimination was still rampant in the south, making it difficult for black to cast their vote. Dr Martin Luther King decides to march from Selma to Montgomery to secure the voting right.